Custom Flip Top Boxes! All You Need To Know About Packaging

Now packaging of any product comes in different styles and sizes. Each has its particular characteristics. It is not necessary that one packaging will suit all products. Custom flip top boxes are one unique packaging. Let us provide you with whether these flip-top boxes are suitable choices for your items or not. A flip top box is designed in a way that it has an opening with a magnetic closure. 

They are mostly rectangular or square. This kind of flip top box with a magnetic flap provides us with a secure closure, which can be used for keeping many worthwhile things such as gifts or makeup products. 

Benefits of Custom Flip Top Boxes

Let’s have a look at several amazing benefits of  Flip top packaging boxes with magnetic closure: 

Create A Wonderful Memory With Boxes

Wrapping of a gift plays an important role in creating memories when people give gifts. People can give gifts to each other to express their different emotions such as gratitude, Love, admiration, and tenderness. Each gift encompasses a whole new experience and a memory associated with the giver.

 A flip top gift box makes a gift precious and none less than a small treasure. Therefore, when people give each other gifts, they also consider different factors. The outer appearance in which a gift is given to another person is one of those crucial factors.  

Lure Customers

You can use these marvelous boxes to attract customers, increase market sales, and build a credible connection with customers. These decorative flip top boxes can also be used for various makeup or skincare products to make their appearance look more luxurious.

Make-up lovers can be attracted to these types of lavish outlooks of makeup items whenever they are buying an eyeshadow palette, blush kit, facial kit, or any other product because beauty product customers are captivated by the charm of the display of the box with magnetic flap. 

Protect Your Items

Flip top box with magnetic closure is a wonderful choice when it comes to keeping a valuable item inside it. Nobody wants their precious gift or any other valuable product to get wasted by using fragile packaging for their storage. These top-quality flip top boxes with magnetic closures provide complete guards to your products and items. These premium-quality boxes can be customized accordingly. 

How Custom Flip Top Boxes Should Be Created?

Custom flip top boxes are the finest to enhance the outward appearance of your products because they can be easily customized according to the product. The following aspects of such boxes can be customized:


The customization of the shape should depend on what you are going to put inside. If there’s a watch, ring, earring or any other jewelry item may have a small rectangular-shaped flip top box with magnetic closure.

On the other hand, if the product is a facial kit or any other beauty product that requires larger space, then the size, width, length, and height of flip top boxes wholesale can be designed accordingly. The magnetic flap also provides them with an expensive facade. 

Choose The Right Colors

Colors carry subliminal messages for instance on one hand The red color is associated with the heart and is considered a symbol of love. The grey or black is believed to be a sign of grief.

Choosing the right colors according to the product is key to creating an amazing connection with those who will use the products. Vibrant colors may also make your product unique. Colors have an emotional impact and add to the experience of its users. 

A Die-Cut Window

Die-cut windows facilitate customers in viewing the product inside without opening them. Die-cut windows of the handle box are subtle for cosmetic products rather than gifts. It can easily be added through customization in a box with a magnetic flap.


Foiling is a skinny layer of metallic foil that is added to the packaging to supplement its beauty. It may also have appealing colors of gold or silver. The printing can either be embossing or debossing. These packaging boxes with magnetic closure look high-priced when foiling is applied to them.


This blog has given an idea about custom flip top boxes. You can utilize these boxes to deliver precious presents safely to someone. This way, these terrific boxes will turn into a cherished memory for them. These boxes not only offer an increased market sale but also can be instrumental in building a credible relationship with them in the long run.

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